Holly – Down but Not Out

Holly is one of our original residents. She arrived with three other tiny babies after being rescued from a pig factory, and since then she has become the belly rub queen of the farm delighting

Volunteer Opportunity Available

ANIMAL CARE VOLUNTEER – through January 31, 2014

Farm Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation that rescues farm animals from abuse, neglect and situations where they are in danger, and provides them with a home

Volunteer Opportunity

We have a vacancy for an animal care volunteer, beginning November 1st, 2013, through November 30th, 2013.

As an animal care intern, you will be required to ensure that the sanctuary animals are healthy,

Jasmine’s Story


Jasmine had mild pneumonia. This is probably an indication that she did not receive all-important colostrum from her mother in the first 16 hours of life. If this is the case Jasmine has technically

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