Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ

Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ raises awareness of the hundreds of thousands of farmed animals needlessly killed for Aussie BBQs over the Summer months, and raises funds to enable FAR to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more farm animals. We’re now aiming for an even BIGGER & better effort in 2019!

Register to Host

Register to Host your very own Vegan BBQ in January or February 2019. As a Host, simply invite your friends, family and colleagues to your very own Vegan BBQ on a date and time in January or February that suits you. We make this as easy as possible for you by providing you with a Vegan BBQ Host Kick-Starter Pack including invitation template, checklist and promotional material, to help you start planning and fundraising for your 2019 Vegan BBQ.

Register to Attend

Get involved by attending a friend’s or colleagues Vegan BBQ and donating $10 per person to fundraise for the animals of Farm Animal Rescue and spread the sentiment of kindness. You can register and donate online, or give the donation directly to the Vegan BBQ Host when you arrive, and they will deposit the funds after the event.

Prize for the Highest BBQ Fundraiser

There’s a FAR Merchandise Gift Pack for the highest Vegan BBQ Fundraiser.

Our Goal

We can’t make Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ HUGE without you! We want to create a kinder world for farmed animals and we want this annual social fundraising event to grow so more people experience cruelty-free eating. Your influence on those around you creates change, and our annual event provides the impetus to come together to share healthy, plant-based food, and discuss the secret lives of farmed animals.

FAR is aiming to raise >$5,000 for Australia’s Largest Vegan BBQ 2019 for the animals. It’s their amazing stories that change hearts and minds one by one. We will feature the stories of several of the animals that we rescued from factory farming, who today happily frolics at FAR today, and invite you to share these with your social networks.

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