A Piggy Christmas - Farm Animal Rescue

This year the sanctuary pigs  enjoyed the best Christmas gift ever from the wonderful people at Lush Cosmetics.

The pigs got a brand new barn, with their own private waterhole just steps from their front door.

Each year Farm Animal Rescue holds a Christmas feast for the sanctuary pigs. At the feast supporters and their families bring donations of the pigs’ favourite treats.

This video shows the sheer joy of the sanctuary pigs whose lives started bleakly within the walls of a pig factory — Heather, Howard and Thomas are now safe, happy, loved and enjoying their brand new home.

As you view this video, please remember that pigs used for pork and bacon sold in Australian grocery stores, including those with the Australian Pork Label, never get to lie on comfortable straw, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, play in mud or cuddle with their babies.

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[youtube id=”dhTqLMEOqoQ” align=”left” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”650″ parameters=”start-52″]


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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