Farm Animals Need You NOW

With most of Australia experiencing temperatures in the high 30’s and 40’s, and with Queensland in the grip of a drought that simply won’t going away, 2019 is going to be another very difficult for animals on Australian farms. We cannot allow a repeat of 2018. Please help farm animals NOW to mitigate the worst atrocities in 2019:

  1. Join our fight to force the meat and industries to drastically reduce their breeding programs, so that no animal
    Photo: Brook Mitchell

    ever starves to death on Australian farm again by signing our petition and attending our petition handover.

  2. Donate to feed the animals at Farm Animal Rescue, where our beautiful green paddocks have been replaced by dusty hills following two weeks of 35+ temperatures with not a drop of rain in sight. Please donate a day of feed for one of the sanctuary herds through our website, where you can choose the date that you want to donate the feed for.
  3. Sign the petition to force Australian farms, saleyards, transporters and slaughterhouses to provide shade to animals so that they no longer have to face the sweltering heat of the Australian summer in direct sunlight.

    Sheep seeking shade from a fencepost. Courtesy:  Animals Need Shade

Most farm animals live a short unhappy life before they are slaughtered while still very young. It is unacceptable that industry considers itself justified to allow these animals to starve to death and roast in the Australian summer. While we wish for a world where farmed animals live long and happy lives we can’t stand by and watch animals dying in paddocks like they did in 2018. All creatures have a right to water, feed and shade.

Some of the sanctuary goats enjoying the shade.

Please join us as we fight to give these animals just a little comfort from the worst of our climate woes, by clicking on the links above for the issue or issues that disturb you most. And thank you for supporting the sanctuary with any feed donations while we continue to suffer from very dry conditions.

Thank you.

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