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Bubble rooster

This is Bubble. He was our very first rescue back in 2012. Seen by some as a 'noise nuisance' and unwanted, he was placed under a destruction order by Brisbane City Council. But we saw him for the unique individual he is, and he is now extraordinarily lucky to be living his life at sanctuary. 

Bubble and squeak with tofu
Bubble on dogs bed
Bubble crowing
Bubble and Squeak
Two of Farm Animal Rescue's first residents
Bubble with carer

Bubble can be plucky and protective one moment, and then you can find him enjoying a cuddle with one of the volunteers the next, or snuggling into a bed made for dogs. Just like a dog, he seeks comfort, safety and happiness, and needs our protection. Roosters like Bubble are so much more than a 'noise nuisance'. We remain captivated by his life long love affair with Squeak the duck, for whom he is smitten, and delight at his unstoppable enjoyment of life, free and easy, roaming the sanctuary grounds unfettered, spontaneous, uninhibited, and safe.

Bubble pensive

Bubble is an ambassador for all unwanted roosters out there looking for their forever home, a tiny few which make their way to our adoption network. However, we find it very difficult to find homes for the quantities of roosters.

Because of egg consumption, equal numbers of egg laying hens and roosters are hatched each year. Therefore, for just about every hen there is a dead or unwanted rooster. While the commercial food industry simply destroys roosters the day they are born, many people who run home-based flocks are more likely to attempt to re-home, or simply dump, roosters. Because of zoning and permits required, there are very few homes that accommodate roosters, and those that can usually already have them.

Farm animals available for adoption through our sanctuary may be from factory farms, sale yards, slaughterhouses, shelters, veterinary clinics or saved from being “strays” from the council like Bubble presumably was. Many unwanted roosters even come from school hatching projects, which still go on today, which often result in an innocent animal, through no fault of his own, with a bleak future.

If you have a rooster permit and can provide roosters just like Bubble a forever home, please click here 


Bubble and Squeak together in grass
Bubble and Brad


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