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It’s not their fault

Farmed animals are the most abused animals in the world. Every farmed animal species has been bred to maximise profit at the cost of each individual animal’s health, comfort and quality of life. They come to us suffering, in pain and fearful.

We see them

Every animal we rescue has these special needs and the strongest will to live a life free from suffering. When we work with them we almost always are able to turn misery and pain into happiness and joy. It’s not their fault that they are hurting and afraid, but it’s our job to build for them a life of peace and safety, the life they deserved all along.

Animal care is our specialty

It’s not Lola’s fault that she has alopecia because she was malnourished as a baby

It’s not Jack’s fault, nor was it Jeff’s, that poor breeding practices at their goat dairy left them with an aggressive auto-immune disease

It’s not Murray’s fault that years of being locked up for breeding has caused chronic arthritis.

It’s not Rambo’s fault that he was bred to be twice his proper size by the chicken meat industry

It’s not Bertie’s fault that he fell in the truck on the way to slaughter and was trampled on for hours

It’s not Kane’s fault that his huge genetically-designed bulk caused a hernia

It’s not Koa’s fault that she fell onto the highway when she was just one week old.

We see their pain when many don’t. And it is our job to help them, and you get to decide how many and how completely we can help.

You can save animals

You have the power to change the whole world for each of these precious souls, gifting each with a life that’s safe, happy and comfortable. Filled with sunshine, nutritious food, freinds, freedom and kindness.

We must raise $15,000 in September to meet our stretch targets for rescuing and rehabiliting a record number of animals. We are ready to go, but we need your support to enable us to carry out our life saving work.

So many animals need our specialised help right now. Help us be there for them.




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