Private Walking Safaris

We offer a 90 minute private walking safari to visit the sanctuary animals with one of our experienced caregivers for those unable to make one of our Open Days or whoimage prefer the special experience of visiting the animals independently of other visitors.

You can book your visit on this page and pay the $150 walking safari fee with either a credit card or through Paypal. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking arrangements.

Please note that the sanctuary is located in hilly country and therefore many hills and tracks will be involved in your visit. The sanctuary animals are free-ranging and you may need to walk significant distances to reach them. Because the animals have free access to 55 acres of pasture and forest, we may not be able to locate every animal during every visit.

The sanctuary is always very busy with a large number of chronically ill animals because of poor treatment by the food industry. In extenuating circumstances we may need to cancel or shorten your visit and should this occur we will refund your safari fee.

You should bring with you a water bottle, a hat, sunscreen, fully enclosed shoes and we strongly recommend long trousers. Some of the sanctuary residents are very large and have horns, so it is important that you immediately follow instructions given by our animal care staff for your own safety and children must be in the immediate presence of an adult at all times.

We ask that you leave any food items in your vehicle so that you don’t become a target for our more greedy residents, and please note that animal products are banned from sanctuary grounds at all times – out of respect for our residents. Pets of any description are not permitted on sanctuary grounds for health and safety reasons.

You will be required to sign a disclaimer upon entry to the sanctuary and it is essential that you locate one of our animal care staff before approaching any animal.

All good? You can sign up here. (Please list the ages of any children in the Special Requirements section. You should also advise of any disabilities or health concerns so that we can make any necessary arrangements.)