We are located in the beautiful Pine Rivers district 45 minutes north of the Brisbane CBD. 90 minutes from the Gold Coast and 45 minutes from the Sunshine Coast. We offer regular open days during which you can come along to visit the farm. Or, book online to organise a private  visit. Access to the sanctuary is restricted unless you have made a prior arrangement.


The Sanctuary

Farm Animal Rescue is a place of refuge for animals that have been freed from abusive situations and factory farms, each of which receives the best of life time care. The farm is open to visitors on a regular basis, so that people can come to meet our residents. Each visitor has the opportunity to rub a pigs belly, pat a sheep, tumble around with a goat, and feed a rooster. During these animal contact sessions, we will tell visitors what the animals endured before they were rescued, and what life is really like for the millions of others on factory farms that we cannot save.

Private Walking Safaris

We are happy to provide private tours of the farm, which include plenty of animal cuddle time for a $250 donation. The sanctuary is a working farm with free-ranging animals and you must contact us in advance if you wish to visit privately. Please book online to organise your visit.

Sponsor Program

Life at Farm Animal Rescue

Saving lives at Farm Animal Rescue

Farm Animal Rescue animal sponsors benefit from unlimited private tours of the farm for friends and family. Sponsorships are available from between $20 and $125 a month, depending upon the species. Contact us for more information on our sponsorship program.

We have special events at the farm all year long, all including great cruelty free food. Coming along is not just great fun, but helps us to raise funds for the sanctuary as well.

We welcome assistance from volunteers. We have two volunteer programs available.

Working Bees at Farm Animal Rescue

Special Projects

We currently have three projects on the go – barn construction, the development of a fowl habitat, and fencing. If you have experience with any of these activities we would be happy for you to come to the farm to help out. Contact us and let us know your availability

Working Bees

From time to time we hold working bees, when we need large numbers of people to come to the farm to help out. Add your name to our mailing alert list using the form to the right of the page so that we can contact you.

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