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Dorothy: a 'Golden Girl'

Dorothy, a lucky pig rescued from the pork industry, is named after Bea Arthur's character, Dorothy, on the 90's TV series "The Golden Girls”. 

If you remember the series, Dorothy is just like her namesake, intelligent and strong-willed with a no-nonsense attitude.

But she can also be gentle and affectionate, and fiercely protective of her family.

Dorothy was rescued with three other pigs appropriately named Sophia, Betty, and Blanche after the other three characters on the popular show.

Rescued from hell

If Dorothy had lived her life the way the pork industry had planned, she would be confined inside a steel cage the size of her body, within a dark building alongside thousands of other factory pigs.

Her life would have been concrete and steel bars and the sound and smell of frustrated animals driven to madness, until she was no longer 'productive'.

She would only be touched by the hands of those who were unable to provide her with the care she truly deserved.

And she would not have understood why she felt so sad.

Dorothy thrives at sanctuary

It's hard to describe the pleasure we feel when watching Dorothy start each day with a stretch and a yawn as she awakens to the morning sun shining into her barn.

She then sets out for the day exploring the forest and paddocks of the 55 acres of sanctuary, rooting through the dirt, cooling off in the dam and playing with leaves and branches. 

She receives three nutritious meals a day from the FAR animal carers, plus apples as a treat, to keep her in tip-top health. When she is tired she naps in a soft spot with her friends or perhaps by herself under a tree.

Thanks to her generous sponsor, Dorothy lives in piglet paradise at Farm Animal Rescue.

Because Dorothy is free.

Dorothy's Dream

Pleasure turns to fear

Things were running smoothly until we discovered that Dorothy was pregnant.  The impending arrival of her family presented a crisis for the sanctuary, as we do not have the capacity to rescue and care for more pigs.

We observed an incredibly resourceful new mother who, contrary to the generations that came before her, was able to utilise her natural instincts to create a secure, comfortable, and ample nest for her newborns.

In an attempt to soothe our concerns, we embraced these precious moments and appreciated her remarkable abilities.

So while we were proud to have the incredible opportunity for Dorothy to care for and raise her piglets according to natural instincts, at the same time we felt fear and concern for the long-term well-being of her piglets.

Dorothy (2)

Overnight Dorothy's world changed

Upon Dorothy giving birth to her piglets, our initial joy swiftly transformed into panic.

With over 110 animals rescued from the food industry already in our care, accommodating Dorothy and her family could potentially negatively impact the well-being of the existing animal residents.

Because when one rescued pig turns into so many piglets - lots of things need to change.

Dorothy with tiny piglets
Dorothy's Dream

Dorothy's Dream

Dorothy’s Dream is for her to grow old with her piglets by her side, free, with full bellies, protected by people who love her and who know deep down that every pig is a unique sentient individual with dreams, hopes, likes, dislikes and personalities of their own.

But Dorothy’s Dream is even bigger than that, she dreams of a future where pigs are no longer in factories. 

Simply by being alive and free at the sanctuary, every day she and her family are advocating for pigs whose fate is a bleak, cruel life in the pork industry. 

They exist to change the hearts and minds of sanctuary visitors and social media followers who learn just how amazing they are.

We’ve dedicated our life to fulfilling Dorothy’s Dream, and to helping pigs no different to her trapped in factory farms right now.

When people meet her, they are changed forever.

Below is what Dorothy needs every week.


Pig Food

Help Dorothy feed her family for a day, a week or a month with three meals a day of nutritious pig muesli and apples.

1 bag of museli = $30 and she currently needs 5 bags per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the piglets.


Ellen lying in straw bedding

Help Dorothy provide bedding for her babies so they can sleep soundly.

1 bale straw =  $14 and she currently needs 20 bales per week.


Help Dorothy's Dream come true

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You don't need to feel helpless when it comes to animal's lives

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