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Dotty Rescued Sheep Farm Animal Rescue

Dotty's Rescue: A Tale of Resilience and Unlikely Friends

On 24th July 2023, we rescued Dotty, the remarkable Dorper sheep, and welcomed her into our sanctuary. As we arrived to rescue her from a Queensland property, her confidence and affectionate nature towards us warmed our hearts, making us even more determined to give her the love and care she truly deserves.

Dotty is only four years old but seemed to be bearing the weight of a much older soul and her body bears the scars of some difficulties in life so far.

With Dotty's well-being in mind, our team immediately put a plan into action. We decided to relocate her to a different area to rule out local insects as the cause of her skin condition. She has already been treated with a topical insect solution, and we are collaborating closely with the vet to explore additional treatment options. The most severe wounds have been carefully treated with antiseptic and are under constant monitoring. We have noticed her scratching frequently, resulting in additional injuries.

Although she had been living without a flock of her own kind, she was not truly on her own. She had found companionship in an unusual group—a goose and a llama. In this unlikely friendship, Dotty had found some comfort amidst her challenging circumstances.

In a beautiful moment as we arrived back at the sanctuary with Dotty, naturally curious rescued sanctuary sheep Lola, Isabella, Jasmine, and even elderly Ester approached the gate. It was as though these wise, kind-hearted sheep wanted to offer their love and support. However it's not uncommon for sheep to initially treat newcomers with a bit of skepticism before eventually accepting them into the fold, and we will support her first few days with the flock as she navigates intricate social dynamics.

Of course, behind every rescue is a kind, compassionate person who saw, helped, and spoke up for them. We feel an overwhelming admiration for the person who noticed Dotty's value and took a stand for her, knowing that a life for Dotty at Farm Animal Rescue was the best they could do for her.

We long for the moment when Dotty's eyes will sparkle with the joy of being surrounded by a loving flock and the warmth of a safe home. To make this dream a reality, we need help from kind-hearted people like you.

Dotty Rescued Sheep Farm Animal Rescue
Dotty Rescued Sheep Farm Animal Rescue


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