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Broiler Habitat Project. Please Help!

The life of a chicken bred for meat is usually between 35 and 49 days. They are kept in long sheds that house up to 45,000 birds. They are forced to sit in their own excrement and

Open Day, Sunday June 4th, 2017

Meet the chickens, goats, sheep, cows, pigs and other happy animals who have a forever home at the Farm Animal Rescue sanctuary.

Sponsored by Plant Based Foods, Gardein, Tofurky Australia and Fry’s Family Foods.


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Annie joined us at sanctuary on Saturday weighing just 34 kilos. (A healthy sheep of her age should weigh about 55 kilos). On her arrival Annie

Volunteer/Intern Positions

Animal Care Volunteer

Available start dates 25 June, 2017 (minimum one month) 9 October, 2017 (minimum one month) 2 January, 2018 (minimum one month) 1 March, 2018 (minimum one month)

Days are long, from dawn