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Animals for Adoption

Our Adoption Program allows people like you to provide lifetime care to animals rescued from the food industry. (If you are interested in providing financial support only please see our Sponsorship program.)

The animals we rescue are individuals who often require special care. Prospective carers need to meet the following criteria:

  • current membership of an animal protection organisation
  • proven ability to provide for the animals financially
  • the existence of suitable housing, land and fencing
  • proof of holding appropriate permits and PIC registration
  • a good reference from a vet
  • access to large animal veterinary services
  • a vegetarian lifestyle and commitment to animal rights
  • a commitment that no product derived from the animal will be offered for sale, consumption or profit
  • a commitment to lifetime care.

(Please note that the adoption of laying chickens and female cattle, goats and sheep is available to vegan households only.) Minimum herd sizes apply, see below.

Where does my adopted farm animal come from?

Farm animals available for adoption may be from factory farms, saleyards, slaughterhouses, shelters, veterinary clinics or saved from being “strays”. The enormous number of farmed animals in Australia means that many animals are left behind, escape, become abandoned or dumped, or are simply not considered valuable enough to care for. Animals once rehabilitated become eligible for our Adoption Program and may require additional care.

How do I arrange an adoption visit?

What’s the adoption process?

  1. Complete the Adoption Application Form below.
  2. FAR will contact you to arrange a site visit, including an inspection of your home and the proposed area the animal would live in. If approved, you'll be invited to spend an hour with our Animal Care Supervisor.
  3. Our Animal Care Supervisor will educate you on the important care standards for the adoptee.
  4. You will be placed on our Priority Approved Adopter register.
  5. FAR will contact you when an animal becomes available for adoption.
  6. Animals will be medically stabilised before adoption; however, you should still quarantine new arrivals. An adoption contract and movement paperwork will be issued at the time you adopt the animal(s).

Please note: immediate placement is unlikely. We cannot specify when an animal may be ready for adoption. We will contact you when an appropriate animal comes into our care to support your preparations.

What happens after adoption?

Following adoption, FAR staff will be available to assist you with any questions via a special email address and will provide expertise as you need it so that, together, we can ensure the best possible life for your new animal friend(s).

Application for inclusion in the program $50
Adoption of hens/roosters $40 each
Adoption of geese/ducks/turkeys $50 each
Adoption of sheep or goats $60 each
Adoption of cattle $100 each
Adoption of pigs $120 each
Transportation $1.32 per km

How do I get started?

Note that adoptable animals listed as 2019 were actually listed in 2020.

Apply to adopt a farm animal in need of a forever home and to be part of a caring family by clicking the button below.

Three Silkies

Three silkie roosters. These are beautiful birds but sadly as roosters they are restricted from most residential areas. They have been dumped at the end of a road as unwanted.                     Applications for rooster adoption must be accompanied by a relevant permit.

Gertie & Gerard Butt-ler

This is a bonded pair, goat and sheep. As a result their adoption is exempt from our minimum herd size rule. We are willing to adopt to any home with one acre or more and no other animals.                        


Alistar is a very friendly rooster looking for a home.                           Applications for rooster adoption must include evidence of a council permit.


This little guy needs a home with a permit.                                       All rooster applications must be accompanied by an appropriate permit.


                          Applicants for rooster adoption must provide a relevant permit.      


Pancake needs a new home as council won’t allow him in the area.                                               RRooster adoption applications must hold a council permit.

Cohen the Barbarihen

This rooster was abandoned on the streets. He is looking for a forever home.                                               RApplications for rooster adoption must be accompanied by the appropriate council permit.


This beautiful white rooster is lonely and looking for a yard with hens.                                               TThose wishing to adopt a rooster must show evidence of a relevant permit.


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