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About Animal Farming

Find out about how animals we rescue are farmed in Australia

Farm Animal Rescue is home to over 90 rescued pigs, cows, goats, sheep and chickens who have been rescued from the animal agriculture or food industry.

For those that are not rescued, here is what happens to them in the animal agriculture industry in Australia.

Rescued sheep

Sheep farming

Why we rescue sheep at Farm Animal Rescue Having rescued sheep for so many years, we have learned a lot about them.  Sheep are gentle animals and have their own unique abilities and intelligence. They are incredibly social and can recognise their friends and even familiar people. This social connection is super important for their […]
Sanctuary rescue Heather

Pig farming

Pigs are the fourth most intelligent species on the planet. They’re considered to have the cognitive ability of 3-year old human children and are quite the experts at playing video games. Much smarter than dogs, pigs are very social animals with many behaviours similar to ours – they share 98 percent of human DNA. The […]

Egg farming

Egg laying hens Hens who provide eggs for human consumption are a descendent of the Red Jungle fowl, a bird native to Asia, and are among millions of animals introduced, bred and raised for ‘food’ in Australia. Conditions on egg producing ‘farms’ are designed so that these hens unnaturally lay an egg virtually every day. […]
Rescued Goat gabriel

Goat farming

Goat farming in Australia Goat farming in Australia is a smaller industry that cattle or sheep farming, however Australia is the largest exporter of goat meat in the world.  Goats are farmed for their meat, fleece and milk, and are also exported live from Australia suffering harrowing journeys in the live export industry. Many people […]
Rescued Cow Cale and Sally

Cows and Cattle Farming

Cows are large, timid and peaceful creatures. They’re not indigenous to Australia and aren’t well suited to our climate. They drink at least 70 litres of water a day. Did you know the cattle industry is one of the largest consumers of water in Australia? The sanctuary herd are from the meat and dairy industries. […]

Chicken farming

Chicken farming in Australia Chickens farmed for their meat in Australia are called broiler chickens.  A broiler chicken is born into a world of cruelty. The broiler industry started in Australia in the late 1950’s. Since then chickens have been, and continue to be, rigorously and selectively bred to gain weight as fast as possible to […]

Dairy Farming

Learn about dairy farming Just like people, cows, in order to produce milk, must have a baby. The dairy industry forcibly impregnates cows once each year to keep the milk flowing. Male calves born to the dairy industry are either slaughtered at 6 days old to make TV dinners and kid leather, or are farmed […]


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