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Meet some of the free-roaming animals who we have rescued at FAR

Farm Animal Rescue is home to over 100 rescued pigs, cows, goats, sheep and chickens who have been rescued from the animal agriculture or food industry. Read their stories here...

Avery the rescued chicken


Avery the chicken has a lucky escape   Avery came into our care under heartbreaking circumstances. It is believed that she was discarded, possibly due to her scissor beak condition. When she arrived at the sanctuary here in beautiful Queensland, Australia, her journey to a better life truly began.     Avery is just a …

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Pippa’s Triumph: A Journey from Fragility to Fortitude In the heartwarming chronicle of our sanctuary, a tale of remarkable resilience and triumph takes center stage. Meet Pippa, a petite and tenacious young hen whose journey from fragility to fortitude serves as an embodiment of hope and transformation. Pippa’s life story began in the shadows of …

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Henrielle’s Resilience: A Journey from Darkness to Sunlit Freedom In the heart of the sanctuary, a tale of courage and compassion unfolds with every feathered step. Meet Henrielle, a brave young hen who has faced adversity with unwavering strength, and whose story is a testament to the transformative power of love and care. Henrielle’s life …

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Dotty’s Rescue: A Tale of Resilience and Unlikely Friends On 24th July 2023, we rescued Dotty, the remarkable Dorper sheep, and welcomed her into our sanctuary. As we arrived to rescue her from a Queensland property, her confidence and affectionate nature towards us warmed our hearts, making us even more determined to give her the …

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Dorothy: a ‘Golden Girl’ Dorothy, a lucky pig rescued from the pork industry, is named after Bea Arthur’s character, Dorothy, on the 90’s TV series “The Golden Girls”.  If you remember the series, Dorothy is just like her namesake, intelligent and strong-willed with a no-nonsense attitude. But she can also be gentle and affectionate, and …

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Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne, Mae

Rescued Free Range Chickens Audrey, Vivienne, Mae’s arrival in car Once upon a time, Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne, and Mae were just a handful of hens living with thousands of others in a dark and cramped free-range egg facility.   Their feathers were missing, their spirits broken, and their future bleak. But fate had a different plan …

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Sean rescued lamb


Lamb rescued after twin dies Sean and his twin were not able to feed from their mother and both became seriously malnourished. Sean arrived at Farm Animal Rescue alone and in pain from poor neutering.  Missing is his brother,  he was required to quarantine for a few days before he joined the sheep flock.  He …

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Dorothy, Rose Blanche and Sophia

Four rescued pigs Thanks to your compassion and donations, four beautiful pigs, Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia have arrived at the sanctuary ready to start a life of freedom and adventure.  Aptly named after The Golden Girls, the 90’s American sitcom featuring four mature women enjoying their golden years in each others’ company, these four …

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Rescued hens from a free range facility


Free range hen rescue Mira 2015 As you can see from the state of her feathers, life prior to rescue from a free range egg farm was tough for Mira.  And although Mira was not confined to a small cage,  her ‘home’ in a  barn with thousands of other chickens caused her as much, if …

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