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Our sponsors are the lifeblood of the sanctuary. Because of the horrid places that most of our animals come from, our vet, feed, straw and care costs are consistently high. Sponsors give us the assurance of being able to determine just how many animals we can help, without risking the health and safety of those that we are already caring for.

Sponsors benefit from watching their animal enjoy the hills and paddocks of the farm when visiting us for one of their unlimited private visits (which includes friends and family). Sponsors are invited to join us for exclusive sponsor events, and benefit from reduced prices for general access events.

Sponsorship Rates

Sponsorship amounts vary according to species. Our monthly sponsorship rates are set out below:

Sponsoring Cost
Chicken/Rooster $40
Duck/Broiler $50
Sheep/Goat $70
Cattle $100
Pig $120

If you would like to sponsor one of these animals please let us know by submitting the form above.

  1. Crimson – layer hen (3 months)
  2. Clover – layer hen (3 months)
  3. Bambi – heifer (1 year)
  4. Broiler chicken 1 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  5. Broiler chicken 2 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  6. Broiler chicken 3 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  7. Broiler chicken 4 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  8. Broiler chicken 5 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  9. Broiler chicken 6 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  10. Broiler chicken 7 (3 weeks) – naming rights
  11. Broiler chicken 8 (3 weeks) – naming rights