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Sponsor a Rescued Farm Animal

Sponsor of a rescued lamb stroking his face.
Make a difference in her world by being her unique sponsor.

Sponsor a rescued farm animal and your monthly gift serves as a lifeline for your beloved animal, going directly to ensure that they receive the utmost care and attention from our dedicated animal carers.

You will witness the transformative power of your contribution as your rescued farm animal, who often arrives fearful and unwell, becomes healthy and learns to feel safe.

Because of genetic breeding and former abuse,  many of the animals have high costs for vet and medical care as well as, feed, straw, and bedding costs.

A sponsor holds her rescued chicken
Watch her thrive at sanctuary and enjoy unlimited visits to her forever home in Dayboro, Queensland.

Enjoy watching your sponsored animal basking in the freedom of sanctuary life, frolicking through the hills and serene paddocks with a full belly and a safe place to rest and sleep.

Indulge in unlimited private visits to the sanctuary to meet your sponsored animal and join us on Open Days to witness the beauty of the animals' lives at the sanctuary firsthand.

Animal Sponsorship Rates

As each species has unique diet and care requirements, sponsorship amounts vary according.  Monthly sponsorship rates are set out below:

Sponsoring Cost
Chicken/Rooster $40
Duck/Goose/Broiler $50
Sheep/Goat $70
Pig $90
Cattle $100

If you would like to sponsor one of these animals please let us know by submitting the form below.

Sponsor An Animal

Benefits of Farm Animal Sponsorship

Sponsors also receive a sponsorship certificate and automatically join the Farm Animal Rescue "Supporters" Club. In addition, you'll benefit from early bird notification of FAR special events in support of animals and reduced prices for general access events.

But that's not all.

In addition to providing the very best care for your sponsored animal, sponsors also contribute to the rescue of more animals, as sponsorship donations give us the assurance of being able to determine just how many animals we can help, without risking the health and safety of those that we are already caring for.

Scroll down for a list of rescued farm animals currently seeking sponsors.


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