What We Do - Farm Animal Rescue


Creating a World of Compassion

Rescue Farm Animals

We rescue farm animals –the most abused animals on the planet– by giving them a free-roaming home to live-out their natural lives in safety & harmony.

Rehabilitate Farm Animals

We show injured and unwell farm animals peace & kindness, nursing each back to health or helping those too sick to survive with compassion & palliative care.


Rehome Farm Animals

FAR’s Adoption Program enables us rescue & rehabilitate more farmed animals, & help them each find a safe, responsible & loving forever home. We’re now taking applications so you can apply & be ready to adopt as animals become available.

Advocate for Animals

We speak-up for farm animals by lobbying consumers, exposing institutional cruelty & enabling people to emotionally connect to transform perceptions on how animals are & should be treated.


Educate the Community

We help people understand farm animals by telling the courageous stories of each animal; & offer sanctuary to enable the quirky personalities & friendships of each animal shine.


Create Change

We change people’s hearts & minds, one at a time. The powerful stories of the animal residents & the magical experience of spending time with them fosters a kinder & more compassionate world.



FAR rescues abused, injured, sick, abandoned and unwanted animals from factory farms, saleyards, slaughterhouses, shelters and veterinary clinics. Rescues can be heart-breaking, rewarding, tiring and inspiring. It doesn’t take long, when you spend time with farm animals, to realise that they are sensitive, bright and fun-loving creatures who value their lives, fear the same things we do, and mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Despite what the animal agriculture industry claims, their industry relies on the removal of children from mothers, breeding programs that make animals grow faster but make life unsustainable, cruel confinement and medical procedures that occur without anaesthetic, and severely reduced life spans for all animals including egg laying chickens and dairy cows and goats.

For As Little As $40 a Month you Can Sponsor a Chicken, Hen or a Rooster

Help Us Provide Them With the Basics!

$30 will feed the pigs or the goats for a day

$70 will feed the bovines for a day

$30 could buy a month’s worth of arthritis medication for the older animals

$120 will buy a life-saving implant for a hen or cover an emergency visit to the vet

$50 will buy a month’s worth of feed for the hens and roosters

$140 will buy 16,000 litres of water for the animals


We nurture rescued animals back to health with world class care, compassion, patience and dedication. Each animal has a personality, a story and a life she or he dearly wants to live. And our farm at Dayboro, Queensland provides tailored care for each animal as well a safe, secure and free-roaming sanctuary. For those that do not survive after rescue, we give them the dignity and comfort that they deserve with gentle affection and palliative care.

Changing Hearts and Minds

We provide rescued farmed animals with freedom, respect, dignity and care. We share the amazing real-life stories of animals that have been bred as commodities and genetically modified for human consumption. Importantly, we invite people into the farm via our regular Open Days where you can meet these beautiful animals and experience first-hand the unique and adorable personalities of each. Surprisingly, the very same animals that have been objectified, abused, dumped and treated cruelly are for the most part kind, playful and trusting. Being around them is truly life-changing.


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Director - Carol Slater
Director - Cheryl Evans
Director - Leizl Estioko
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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