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If you are seeking to re-home a farm animal, please first ensure that there is no possible way that you can continue to keep and care for the animal. Farm animals, particularly those that are not socialised with others of their own species, may not do well in a different environment. Please always take the needs of your pet into consideration when making life choices and when re-locating.

We cannot guarantee that we, or any of or Adoption Partners, will be able to accommodate your animal.

In particular it is very difficult to find homes for roosters and pigs. For just about every hen that lays eggs there is a dead or unwanted rooster. While the commercial food industry simply destroys roosters the day they are born, many people who run home-based flocks are more likely to attempt to re-home, or simply dump, roosters. Because of zoning there are very few homes that accommodate roosters and those usually already have them.

Because a cute little piglet always turns into a 200kg landscaping machine, thousands of these animals are discarded every year to council shelters and vet euthanasia. In particular a pig that has never socialised with others of its own species is a very poor candidate for relocation and will almost always suffer deep depression leading to highly aggressive behaviour and poor quality of life.

Other animals may be easier to re-home providing they join a herd of at least four, and you complete a full home inspection. We strongly recommend that farmed animals not be placed into homes where meat, dairy and eggs are consumed so that you know your animal will be safe.

If the animal that you are contacting us about has come from a cruelty or neglect situation, has been rescued, if you are an animal shelter, if the animal is malnourished or if the surrender is the result of domestic violence situation, please complete the following questionnaire. Note that the information that you provide will be circulated to our Adoption Network, it is unlikely your animal can be accommodated at the sanctuary.


This form is to be completed by any party wishing to surrender an animal, only after all avenues for keeping and feeding the animal are exhausted.
  • Why are you surrendering the animal?
  • Where did the animal come from before being in your possession?
  • Describe the condition of the animal when it came into your care, and now.
  • What arrangement was made for you to legally be the guardian of the animal?
  • Provide the medical history of the animal while he/she has been in your care.
  • Provide details of the vet surgeries that have treated the animal.
  • Supply your PIC code and any waybill numbers relevant to your transportation of the animal. Also provide the codes of any ear tag, or provide a description of the animal.
  • Provide the vaccine and egg count history. Specify any disease that has been identified on your property, or the property from which the animal came.
  • What is your location? Are you able to transport the animal? What distance are you prepared to travel?
  • Specify the reasons if this matter is urgent.
  • Provide a photograph from when the animal first came into your care.
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • Provide a current photo of the animal.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 512 MB, Max. files: 5.
    • What is the animal's name?



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