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Annie joined us at sanctuary on Saturday weighing just 34 kilos. (A healthy sheep of her age should weigh about 55 kilos). On her arrival Annie exhibited symptoms of extreme malnutrition and multiple scabbed lesions indicating either an injury or skin problem.

Annie injured with large wound in her back

Annie was accompanied by Joni, her closest friend in the world. They had been found tied up together under an abandoned house with no food or water. While Joni was under-weight, Annie was in a much worse state.

Under the initial vet examination, Annie was found to have large lesions with apparently healthy skin under them. She also had a broken horn wound which was full of maggots.

Annie and her sheepish friend

Annie got all cleaned up with antiseptic and some gentle pain medication to keep her happy enough to go out and graze, so that she could build up some body fat!

On Tuesday Annie’s condition began to swiftly deteriorate. She became easily fatigued and could often be found sitting on her own. After a number of doctor visits we implemented our intensive care procedures for her at 10pm last night, but she gave up her struggle at 2am and left us.

It is hard to explain just how quickly and deeply this little girl stole our hearts. How she got into this state or how she came to be abandoned we will never know. But we do know that she was an incredibly sweet and fragile little girl with an extremely independent spirit who was badly let down by those whose responsibility was to care for her.

Annie injured and restingThe best we can do now is to make sure that people know her name, and know that she mattered. There is no more pain for her now, she is finally at rest.

We will go on to fight for others like Annie, who have been treated so cruelly by this world when all they want is to be safe and comfortable. There still remains no protection from the abuse of animals like Annie as farm animals are exempt from most animal welfare legislation. That has to change, and in Annie’s name that is what we will do.

Annie injured and standing with head hung low


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