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Holly – Down but Not Out

Holly is one of our original residents. She arrived with three other tiny babies after being rescued from a pig factory, and since then she has become the belly rub queen of the farm delighting visitors old and young with her cuddles and love of a good massage.


The chance of a factory breed pig ending up living a natural life in a sanctuary like ours is less than one in a million, which is why what is now happening to her is so hard to comprehend.

Holly has been unable to walk since Saturday night, November 15th. After a day full of fun and exercise she suddenly lost the ability to use her back legs. She has gone down outside and away from the barn so we have built a tent around her to keep her safe from the sun and rain.

Paralysis is a common affliction borne by factory farm pigs. Their genetic manipulation and selective breeding makes them prone to chronic arthritis, spinal abscesses and collapsed disks that can make it very difficult for them to carry their unnaturally huge bodies around.


Holly is in very good spirits and still enjoying life. Howard, one of the boys that arrived with her, has left the comfort of the barn to sit with her in her tent and nuzzle. They are often seen snuggling up together like  an elderly couple on a porch swing.  Beautiful to see, but chilling to see such compassion in a species that we humans treat so abominably.

She chuckles with us and drags herself around to get feed and water, and she snuggles up with Howard for long chats. As long as she is happy and content we will continue to care for her, and we will continue to work to make her better.


Our work with Holly will require physio every half hour and constant supervision. This will  stretch our tiny team to breaking, but we know that Holly, who is so loved by our visitors, is worth every minute.

Whether ultimately we are able to make Holly better, or even if we are only able to give her a few more months of a life that all pigs deserve but so few benefit from, vet visits and palliative care will be enduring and expensive. If you can help us to help Holly please donate as generously as you can by clicking on our Donate button.


Holly has been an amazing advocate for factory farmed pigs who have no voice. Please help us to ensure that her wonderful nature will continue to show people how clever, social, affectionate and abused these animals are, by providing for her extensive medical needs. We truly believe that Holly has a positive effect on this world, and when we have to say goodbye it will be a sad day for pigs everywhere.

Please help us to continue to show people that Holly, and all her pig cousins, are someone and not something by making a generous donation today. Thanks so much for caring, you will never know just how much your support means to us.


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