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Nourishing Hearts Appeal

Feed a Rescued Farm Animal Friend for a Day

Goats relaxing at Farm Animal Rescue in drought

Goats relaxing on the dry ground at Farm Animal Rescue August 2023 In the heart of Queensland, Australia, the wet season unfolds during the summer months, gifting the land with abundant rain, and therefore watering tasty and nourishing grasses and plants, from December to February.

That means that in September, just after the coolest of the months in this part of the world, and after a few months of lower than normal rainfall, the natural sanctuary grasses and foliage that the rescued animal love to eat is depleted, and that leaves the 110 rescued farm animals hungry.

While occasional rain showers still fall, the stark reality remains: the rescued animals are now struggling due to insufficient sustenance. Each day, we find ourselves in a race against hunger, striving to supplement their diets.

Regrettably, our current funds fall short of providing the nourishment these beautiful souls deserve.

Our plea is urgent, the need undeniable – hunger touches our cherished residents, and we seek your help to ensure their bellies are not left empty.

Nourishing Hearts Appeal

Water sourced and ready for transportation to the animals

Water sourced and ready for transportation to the animals You can help to provide food by contributing a day’s worth of food to the various animal species living at sanctuary in our Nourishing Hearts Appeal. Just $20 a day will provide food for all the rescued chickens, $50 will buy a days worth of feed for the sheep or goats, $100 for the hungry pigs, and $130 for the cows.

Additionally, as water levels dip, we need to source and transport water at a cost of $25 per day to keep our animals hydrated.

Whether you choose to support for a single day or more, your decision will ripple through their contented clucks, cheerful grunts, and serene bleats, a picture of satisfied appetites, full bellies and joyful beings.

Murray and Koa on sparse grass August 2023

Murray and Koa on sparse grass August 2023

How to Help

  1. Select the date for which you’d like to provide food.
  2. Select “End” date to choose how many days you’d like to provide the food. If you choose the same date, you will be providing one day’s food.
  3. Scroll down and choose the farm animal species you’d like to support by clicking the species. If the date is available, click “Available” and then “Continue” to complete the donation and “Book” your date/s.

Murray enjoying supplementary food

Murray enjoying supplementary food

NOTE: once you donate, we will immediately purchase food for your animal species, and then arrange to ensure it is distributed to keep them healthy and happy.   Your donation does not include a visit to the farm to feed them, however, you are welcome to book a visit to the sanctuary via our website.

Or enjoy watching our social media to see the happy animals receive their daily feed.

Contributing to this appeal is more than just a gesture.  Whether it’s a day’s feed for the chickens, sustenance for the pigs, sheep, and goats, or hydration for all, is making an immediate and meaningful difference. This isn’t just about meeting their physical needs. With each donation, you’ll experience the quiet satisfaction of knowing you’ve become an essential part of their story – a story of care, empathy, and positive change.

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