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Farm Animal Rescue (FAR) has been saving animals and delivering world class care and rehabilitation for nine years. I established this charity to do exactly that, to rescue animals from intensive farming, heal and help, & let people know that animal abuse happens here in Australia every day.

Since then, the amazing FAR team have diligently built what is a solid, reliable & transparent charity. As part of our due diligence we have always ensured that reserves are there to ensure every animal at sanctuary is guaranteed a life of peace, freedom, good feed, dignity & quality healthcare. We have often done without equipment and machines to ensure that we had a reserve available for when the animals needed it.

For the first time in FAR’s history, I am deeply concerned about our future…

Our reserves, primarily marked for feed, bedding & medical care, after two gruelling years of drought, a pandemic, and storms are almost gone.

We have never before asked for funds to keep our charity going, our fundraising efforts have always been directly for the animals. However, this year is different… This year we need your help to ensure FAR can continue to rescue animals in need,  continue to provide world-class animal care & support kinder choices in our community.

In the past nine years, FAR has rescued hundreds of animals, welcomed thousands of visitors to sanctuary & advocated for better animal protection. We have achieved so much, yet there is SO much more to do.

You were behind us when the government tried to close our gates & you stood beside us when we’ve advocated for a better life for farm animals in law. You know the power that we have to save animals, make change and deliver on our promise to animals of a life of freedom, comfort and food when they need it.

Animals like Nanny Pam

Nanny Pam was intensively used for breeding up until the time she arrived at a council shelter, from where she would normally have gone to the sales. Thankfully a council worker contacted us to save Nanny and bring her to sanctuary. In only a few months of arriving we have sadlydiagnosed Nanny with progressive spinal myelitis, which is very very slowly taking her mobility away.

While Nanny doesn’t have the years at sanctuary ahead that we hoped for her, we are experts at long term palliative care and we have been able to give so much of Nanny’s mobility back to her that she spends a few hours each day in the sanctuary forests finding yummy things to eat. When she is finished and a little tired, she has her own private pen with healthy food and fresh water, and a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Nanny would have lived in misery her entire life, first by being used for intensive breeding and then suffering from her degenerative bone disease. Your support has given her a few months of pain free happiness, where she can be the goat she was meant to be. Withour your support, without FAR, this couldn’t have happened.

Please help FAR stay

So many of the animal residents are reliant on our care, & our work is nowhere near done.

You were behind us when the government tried to close our gates & you stood beside us when we’ve advocated for a better life for farm animals in law. Please help FAR make it to our 10th year and beyond…

Thank you



Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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