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This year an estimated 15 million day old baby lambs will perish in frozen fields in Victoria, many by freezing to death, just like Cindy in the video. They die frozen and alone with nobody to care for them, in a harsh world that they don’t understand.

This is not a natural phenomenon. Lambs are designed by nature to be born in the Spring, when temperatures are mild. Farmers have chosen to adjust the normal cycle of lamb development so that the babies are born in Winter as this reduces the farmer’s feed costs.

The fatality rate for lambs born in Winter is 1 in 4. Many of these simply freeze to death unable to survive the cold and windy conditions of a season that they were never designed to experience in their first days.

Farm Animal Rescue are sending a team to Victoria to rescue a number of frozen lambs from paddocks in conjunction with Melbourne Sheep Save. These lambs will be transported back to the sanctuary in Queensland where they will receive lifetime care following their very poor start.

DONATE NOW to bring the babies home

We will be offering supporters a number of live stream opportunities as the lambs slowly make their way up to Queensland in our van all fitted out for lamb comfort. Tune in to our Facebook page at the following times:

Tuesday 1/8/2018 4.00pm AEST first night safe and warm
Wednesday 2/8/2018 1.00pm AEST on the road!
Thursday 3/8/2018 4.00pm AEST (live from Where Pigs Fly Sanctuary!)
Friday 4/8/2018 1.00pm AEST on the road!
Saturday 5/8/2018 1.00pm AEST lambs arrive at FAR

The journey covers 1,788 kms and we are looking to raise $1 per kilometre so that we can bring them back to Queensland, rehabilitate them and provide lifetime care. Please donate now so that we can bring these babies up to the warmth of Queensland and to their new lives.


Forcing sheep to give birth in Winter is yet another example of an industry that is only concerned with profit, regardless of the toll on the health and well-being of the animals involved.

Please support our 15 Million Project by donating here and don’t forget to check out our live streams as the lambs slowly make their way up the Eastern seaboard. Donations to help us reach our $1,788 target can be made here.

Thank you for your support, and please always boycott lamb and wool products. 15 million dead lambs is 15 million too many!


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
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FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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