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A Christmas Miracle

While we don’t allow the sanctuary animals to breed, Sam’s mom came to us already in the family way. Born naturally, without any intervention from us, mother and baby are doing very well and Sam is quickly growing into a strong little man.

The new arrival

On December 30, a little miracle happened on the farm.

In a place where we don’t allow breeding, a baby was born, who had been conceived before his mom was rescued. He is a miracle because he won’t have to live in fear of mutilation and slaughter, or of being without his mom.

Unlike millions of other cattle born last year he will live with his mom and her herd, graze pasture peacefully, and live to old age as nature intended. Animal agriculture forcibly and intentionally destroys animal families, leaving babies without the opportunity to learn from and feel the protection of their mothers, and always slaughters them at a fraction of their natural lifespan.

We are proud to bring you our video of Sam, and the natural bond he has with his mother. We hope you enjoy watching him grow up healthy, happy and free as much as we will.

How you can help

Sam needs a sponsor.

Sam and his Mom, the Natural Way.

[youtube id=”YsRfUlrjf0g”]


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