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Stampy used to live at a North Brisbane school as part of that school’s agricultural program. In her second year, she had trouble lambing and was stampydestined to go to slaughter.

Female animals in the food industry are generally only valued for their reproductive capabilities. Typically, female animals are kept almost constantly pregnant and any female animal that loses condition or has trouble conceiving or delivering a baby is considered worthless and sent to be made into pet food.

A compassionate person rescued her from her fate and took her to live in safety the Burpengary area.

Sadly, her world was shattered when the property that Stampy lived on was overwhelmed by the storms last month and she was washed downstream along with other animals. Unbelievably Stampy was found a few days later the sole survivor of the torrential waters that must have scared her so very much.

Since returning to her home, Stampy has been calling and calling for her best friend Neenie, who sadly did not survive the flooding. Concerned that Stampy was dreadfully unhappy and would not survive without the company of other sheep, we agreed to accommodate the little flood survivor at sanctuary where she can make new friends somewhere high and dry!

There is no way we can know how terrified Stampy was as she was swept down a raging river, but we do know how much she misses her friend and how hard she would have had to fight in those floodwaters to stay alive. People so often overlook the need for companionship and will to live that is so prevalent in the animal kingdom, particularly amongst those animals that are routinely slaughtered for food.

Stampy is available for sponsorship. You can also help the sanctuary to rescue more animals used for food, clothing and science by joining our Supporters Club.


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
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FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Natalie Corlass
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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