A chicken and egg story - Farm Animal Rescue

The early December 2021, one FAR chicken, Simone, was showing distress and was admitted to the vet as an emergency.  The cause of her pain was found to be 400 grams of rotting egg fragments in her oviduct, a problem associated with egg-laying hens designed to produce more eggs than their bodies are able to process

As Simone weighed only 800 gms,  these rotting eggs were half her body weight!

The vet suggested that it is likely the fragments have been there for some time, and although she presented symptoms some months ago,   she appeared to be better after she was treated with Suprelorin.

Simone was admitted to surgery the same day to have the fragments removed. However, with a chance of recovery from such a surgery only one in three, and although we worked so hard to save her, Simone passed away a few days later.

Her tiny body was unable to recover from her ordeal.

Chickens who are bred to lay eggs their whole lives often have medical complications when rescued from the industry.  With so many alternatives to eggs these days, from scrambled tofu to aquafaba for meringue, we all can help stop the suffering of chickens just like Simone by making kinder, more compassionate choices.




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FAR Management Committee

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Vice President - Carol Slater
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Secretary - Aaron Lee

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