Celebrating Diane and Chris - Farm Animal Rescue

Celebrating Diane and Chris

In memoriam

In January 2022 we were contacted by Claire in the UK, who had recently lost her sister Diane and brother in law Chris who lived in Woodenbong, NSW.  Diane and Chris spent their lives passionate about animals.  Residing in the UK meant that Claire was not able to come to celebrate their lives at their funerals, and so she has requested this memoriam in their honour.

"In memory of my dear Sister Diane and my Brother-in-law, Chris.

We would like to donate to your fantastic Sanctuary in memory of my dear Sister Diane and Brother-in-law Chris who, very sadly, are not with us anymore, - Chris having passed away very recently and very suddenly - we are all still in shock. Diane and Chris were both animal lovers and had numerous animals throughout their many years living in Australia. Diane and I were brought up on a farm when we were children, in England. Animals were always a part of our lives, dogs, cats, pigs, cows, not to mention the rabbits, guinea pig, a very lovable pig called 'Squawker', who was a real character, and a Cockeral named 'Bernard' who just decided to turn up and live with us one day! Animals were always a part of Diane and Chris's lives before they moved to Australia from England and that continued when they settled in Australia too. Farm Animal Rescue is certainly very deserving as our chosen animal charity to support in their names - a Sanctuary where care and compassion is obviously shown in abundance. I know Diane and Chris would be very happy to know we are helping the animals you rescue to live happy, peaceful and cruelty free lives. This is also for their daughter Cindy and her son Dylan, and we hope it gives them some comfort to know we are all thinking of them.

Claire, Micky & Hannah x"


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Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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