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Farm Animals in Urgent Need

Chuffed Dec 21

Animals are living bleak, short lives, right now

Farmed animals in Queensland and Australia typically live very short, very bleak, sometimes painful and sometimes abusive, lives. Often there is nobody effectively looking out for farm animals despite the majority of animal abuse happening to farm animals, except for us.

Koa lived at a bleak and uncaring sheep farm. Facing mutilation of her body by a knife with no anaesthetic, horrific parasite treatments that forced her head underwater for 20 seconds at a time and a the continual loss of her friends and family as they went to slaughter, Koa had the "luck" to be thrown from a vehicle on the highway and found Farm Animal Rescue.

Despite her wounds and bruises Koa has always been a happy little girl, and, because of that one incident and your support of FAR, she now has a life full of joy, safety and freedom. A bleak life is now far behind Koa, but sadly for her friends bleakness is as real as ever.

There are so many, too many

This year we have exposed and begun to resolve cruelty at saleyards, holding yards and on transport trucks across Northern, Western and Southern Queensland.

This year we have taken in animals who have been abandoned, injured, mis-treated, isolated and neglected. We want to take in more, and relieve animals from the pain that they are suffering right now, but the job is too big for us to do without your urgent help.

We see so much pain and suffering, and so often we can't help, but we have to find a way.

We can reach them, with help

In the last two years we have installed new quarantine facilities, new chronic care facilities, new senior care facilities and a hospice so that we are ready for whatever comes our way. However we need to be able to feed, provide medical treatment and habitat care for every animal that comes our way, and assure them a forever of happiness and delight, which can be up to twenty years or more.

Many animals live right now in bleak and abusive conditions simply because we can't get to them, our facilities are too limited and our reserves are not enough. But working together we can change of all that, you can be the reason that the poor embattled animals so badly in need in dark soulless places can be found and brought to safety, comfort and care.

Your help saves animals that are suffering right now

Only your urgent support can change the bleak life of a farmed animal living in pain right now into a life of freedom, fun, care, painlessness and security. Only your support can make 2022 a red letter year for animals caught in dreadful situations whose only hope is a helping hand from one of our volunteers.

Only you can make a dark soulless life into a life of light and colour, the life that every creature on the planet deserves. Koa is safe, but so many more need your help. A life belonging to an animal waiting for rescue right now. Will you give an animal in urgent need the gift of a life worth living?


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