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Ferdinand the steer

Ferdinand rescued steer

We reckon that Farm Animal Rescue has it's own Ferdinand, just like the Disney movie 'Ferdinand'.  Based on a children's book by author Munro Leaf, the movie tells a story of a bull who'd rather smell flowers than fight.  Although large and scary looking, he (as we at FAR know) actually good natured.

Just like in the movie where Ferdinand runs away to escape back to his farm where he can live in peace and quiet, our Ferdinand also escaped his earlier life.  Ferdinand wandered into a council shelter property, starving and tired.  He appeared to have escaped and had been running through the streets.  After arriving at the shelter, and then marked to be sent to slaughter, many humans at the shelter got to know him and worked to save his life.  They found he loved  scratches and spoke to him softly, seeing a beautiful and peaceful animal.

This is me when I was rescued.

"Hi, I'm Ferdinand.  Ever since I've come to Farm Animal Rescue my life has been amazing.   People used to be a bit scared of me, maybe because I'm huge and look scary, but I'm harmless.   When I first arrived I'd spend my days hanging out with Mary (before she passed away at 22).  I had a bit of a crush on her even though she's sometimes downright bossy!  But I'm a gentleman, so I played it cool.  One thing I do not like is the rain.  But there's plenty of shelter here so I can make sure that not even one drop falls on me.  Come and say hi next time you are at the farm!"  Ferdinand

Ferdinand arrived at FAR,  met Mary who he instantly was drawn to, and joined the most beautiful herd of happy cows.  This is his forever home, where he can smell the flowers all he likes.

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to rescue Ferdinand, who now has freedom, friends and good food.

Ferdinand and Mary
Me looking out for Mary...my love
Hansome heh!


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