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"I've a fondness for head massages"

"Hi, I'm Jackson. The thing I'm besotted with at Farm Animal Rescue are head massages.  I just can't get enough.  Especially when you rub up and down and round and round my horns, then under my ears, down across my neck. Ah!  Bliss.  Thanks you for rescuing me." Jackson

Jackson was dumped neglected and starving. Tied to a tree he was unable to get to food or water.
He arrived at sanctuary listless, skinny and broken. But after lots of TLC and goat-appropriate food he very quickly regained his health.
Unfortunately his ordeal left him with a systemic shortage of minerals. While he grows horns, they are soft and rubbery and soon fall off as there isn't sufficient calcium or mineral content.
But what he lacks in horns he makes up for in size!
Jackson is just one of the special needs animals that we are committed to providing lifetime care to at FAR.
Jackson Rescue Report
Jackson and James
I do enjoy James' company
Jackson with Jackson
Our names are the same!
Hi down there!

"Please spnsor me" Jackson


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