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When sweet Jackson arrived at Farm Animal Rescue he was emaciated and very, very sad. A victim of an animal hoarder, we still do not know what made someone tie him to a tree on the side of the road with neither food or water, nor do we know how long he suffered there before he was discovered. But we do know that this act was what led him to our loving care.
As we bundled him up and bought him to sanctuary, our first concern was how close he was to near complete starvation, and if we would even have a chance to nurture him back to health. We set him up with a bed of fresh hay, some food and clean water, some gentle pats and kind words of encouragement to 'hang in there'.
As we worked with our medical team, further investigations highlighted a bigger problem than we initially thought, as we noticed that Jackson had no horns. Depraved of adequate nutrition for so long, malnourished without adequate calcium or minerals, had meant that Jackson was no longer able to grow horns.
Over time we noticed that even if they did try to grow, they were soft and would crumble off almost immediately. Horns are important to goats. As well as being used for playing, fighting and scratching (and moving us out of the way!), their primary function is an air conditioning system, of sorts, during hot weather.
Every day we ensure that Jackson only experiences the best of humanity for the remainder of life, with tender neck scratches, a full belly, sweet grass to nibble, a warm bed, hills to climb, and his own goat and sheep friends to explore the world each day, safe , protected and loved.
Jackson Rescue Report
Jackson is looking for a sponsor. As his sponsor, you and your family and friends can delight in watching him enjoy the hills and paddocks of the farm when visiting us for one of your unlimited private visits. You also receive a colour photo with him, and he sleeps next to a photo of his adopted family. Sponsors are invited to join us for exclusive sponsor events, and benefit from reduced prices for general access events. Please click the button for more information about sponsoring Jackson.
Jackson and James
I do enjoy James' company
Jackson with Jackson
Our names are the same!
Hi down there!

"Please sponsor me" Jackson


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