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Keeping Chickens The Animal Lover’s Way

Chickens as Pets

Keeping Chickens as Pets

Some compassionate people mistakenly consider that keeping backyard chickens is a more kind way of getting their eggs.  There are some problems with keeping backyard chickens .  However,  if you are in a position to rescue hens or roosters, then Grazyna's new book is a wonderfully practical and humorous read.

Here is an excerpt from the website of Grazyna's latest book for chicken lovers "Uncommon Friends".

" Gone are the days when chickens were merely egg-layers. Now more than ever they are rightly being seen as cherished pets, uncommon friends, and even spiritual companions! This humorous and insightful book is a hybrid between a memoir and ‘how to’ manual, a whimsical tour of discovery that reveals the magic of backyard chickens.

Who would expect chickens to have it all: family squabbles, abiding loyalty, the joys of new life, the heartbreak of loss? This book will challenge the old ideas of chickens as egg producers and introduce us to the vibrant social and spiritual life of chickens. Along the way, you’ll learn how to tend your own flock right in your backyard. You might even find yourself reflecting on your own relationships – with animals, with other people, and with yourself.

If you want to provide the best environment for your chickens, if you are game to grow as a person, and if you long to see more beauty in the world, this book is for you. But be warned, it may make you fall in love with chickens and become an unrepentant chicken enthusiast."

When ordering a paperback copy from Best Versions Of Us do mention that you first learned about the book from FAR and Best Versions of Us will make $2.50 donation for every book purchased.


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