Lola the rescued lamb goes to the vet - Farm Animal Rescue

Lola suffers from tick paralysis

Rescued sheep ticks
We take every precaution to protect against parasites, but sometimes one gets through.
Lola is in hospital with tick paralysis. We have always expected that she is immune-compromised and here was the proof. The tiniest infant tick caused complete paralysis of her hind legs.
In the picture above Alex is searching for others, but we only found the one juvenile attached.
She has been treated and some movement has returned to her back legs, but so far she is unable to stand. We are relocating her today to our hospital pen so that we can work on returning her standing ability.
The Australian paralysis tick is not to be trifled with and we urge everybody responsible for animals who is near the coast to take them very seriously. We are confident that Lola will be ok, but this is only because we spotted the symptoms early and got her the help she needed quickly.


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