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Malcolm - rescued lamb

Malcolm rescued lamb

Look deep into his eyes and you can see so many emotions - curiosity, hope, trust, innocence.  And maybe just a little bit of enduring fear ...does he dare believe he is now safe?

Malcolm is not meant to be here today.  On the 8th April 2019, he was only 30 minutes away from the kill floor of the abattoir.  No doubt for a meek and shy animal such as Malcolm, the transport and ensuing panic and confusion as he was herded on and off the crowded truck and into the abattoir had been his most frightening day in his short life.  And if it weren't for some incredible luck, it was only going to get worse.

Lamb rescue

Malcolm. Martin and Nelson are Australia’s luckiest sheep. While they were waiting their turn for the kill floor a miracle happen and the police asked us if we would take their surrender. While we weren’t prepared for a sheep rescue we made a secure area for them out of a child’s safety pen and whisked them to safety.

Malcolm, Nelson, Martin

Even once they arrived safely at sanctuary on that day Malcolm, Nelson and Martin remained understandably fearful of us as they were of all people, and would cling to each other.  But we understood their wariness and left them with space to get used to their whole new world.  Once things had settled for them a little, we managed to shear them to remove their thick fleece marked with blue dye.

Malcolm, Nelson, Martin

The rescue of Malcolm and his buddies Nelson and Martin was an incredibly emotional day for us too.  To be so close to these sensitive animals inside an industry which thrives mostly because what goes on is hidden, and to be able to save them, is indescribable.  Whilst we mourn the sheep we could not save, and whilst changing the world for all sheep was not possible on that one day, it did change the world for Malcolm, Martin and Nelson.

Martin, Nelson, Malcolm

As Brad, found of Farm Animal Rescue quoted to The Brisbane Times

"It’s absolutely clear to me that fear and suffering are inherent to slaughterhouses.  There are numerous occasions where the sheep are not stunned properly, but even when they are, the footage unequivocally demonstrates that it’s impossible to ‘humanely’ kill an animal who desperately doesn’t want to die."

Malcolm didn't want to die.  He wanted to live. He wanted to be free.  He wanted to graze.  he can remember 50 human or other animal faces for years , he has best friends, he is meek, quiet and gentle, is intelligent and capable of solving problems.  Malcolm is an emotional animal, he has feelings, and he is smart.  He can smell fear. He will hang his head if stressed or depressed, and jump for joy if he is excited.


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