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Jul 12 2013


Copyright Carol Slater Photography Pigs are the fourth most intelligent species on the planet, after humans, dolphins and primates. They are much smarter than dogs and cats, and scientifically have the same cognitive ability as ...
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The Ben & Franklin investigation

Jul 12 2013

Ben & Franklin

The Ben & Franklin investigation Copyright Carol Slater Photography In August 2011 Farm Animal Rescue conducted a routine investigation of a sale yard. While at the sale yard, we met Ben and Franklin, two tiny ...
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The cruel egg producing industry

May 21 2013

Battery Hen Rescue

4 lovely hen ladies arrived at the farm after suffering dreadfully at the hands of the egg industry. You can see the ladies shortly after they arrived at the farm by viewing the video below: ...
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A sad short life for Justin

May 4 2013


After 8 months of working with Justin to keep him healthy and happy, on Thursday night he decided enough was enough and left us. Justin was born on an organic free range dairy farm that ...
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An unnecessarily short miserable life for a battery hen

Apr 24 2013


Last night Jan gave up her struggle to survive in a body genetically modified by the chicken meat industry to grow way too fast for a little chick's organs to cope with. An unnecessarily short ...
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