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Day #20 Rambo

30 Rescue Stories in 30 Days

Stay at home dad

"Hi, I'm Rambo and I'm a stay at home dad.  Every time new babies came to the sanctuary I'd take them under my (pretty large) wing and look after them.  I was very gentle and I'd make sure they didn't get hurt. They were so fragile.  I loved having my beard tickled and found it funny that everyone laughed when I sat in front of the fan in summer.  Thank you for rescuing me." Rambo

We urgently need your help

Rescued broiler rooster Rambo lived blissfully at Farm Animal Rescue - but we need your help like never before.  We  need to raise $50K before June 30 so we can continue with our life changing work for Rambo, and for all broilers and farm animals.  Read his story below and help save FAR today.

Rambo Rescue Report
Rambo 2nd Birthday
My 2nd birthday party
With Muffin
Looking after Muffin

"Please help rescue FAR" Rambo


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