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The feathered hero of Farm Animal Rescue

Rocky the rooster arrived at sanctuary on 28th May in 2016, and no doubt got his name for his toughness after sustaining a terrible injury, and somehow still surviving.
Rocky started life hatching at a backyard chicken breeder. A roosters' life is considered worthless in the egg industry as they do not produce eggs. And although many roosters in an industrial egg production facility are macerated soon after birth because of this, a common practice for backyard breeders is 'cervical dislocation'. That is, their necks are broken.

His neck was broken

This is what happened to Rocky, after which his body was thrown into an incinerator which was to be ignited at a later time.
However, the next morning Rocky walked up to the breeder, who was so shocked he took pity on him and felt that he should be allowed to live, having survived such an ordeal. Perhaps Rocky should really have been named "Lucky"?
Rocky alone time

The egg industry's dirty secret

Rocky the rooster is one lucky bird to have found his way to our sanctuary after suffering a traumatic injury at the hands of a farmer.

Sadly, incidents like this are all too common in the world of industrial farming.

But now, thanks to the care and dedication of Farm Animal Rescue and our supporters, Rocky can rest easy knowing that he will never again be subjected to such cruelty. At the sanctuary, he will live out his life in safety and comfort, surrounded by other animals who have also been given a second chance. Rocky's story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting farm animal rescue efforts and the amazing resilience of these animals when given a chance to heal and thrive.

Rocky and Crimson
Rocky perched on hill


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