Sanctuary versus Zoo - Farm Animal Rescue

How can you tell the difference?

FAR President Brad and Vice President Carol explain the difference between an animal sanctuary and a zoo, and how you can tell the difference.

Helping animal lovers make informed choices

This year the Australian government is handing out $94.6 million in grants to for-profit zoos and aquariums, but ethical sanctuaries are ineligible for the grant and receive nothing. At the same time, some zoos masquerading as sanctuaries, even sometimes including "sanctuary" in their name to elicit even more support for their for-profit business.
In these difficult times we think it's more important than ever to know who you are supporting and to only support ethical animal sanctuaries, so we made a video to help you work out the difference between ethical and animal-using organisations.
We hope this video below helps.
Note: In 2017 Farm Animal Rescue was required by council to install certain facilities for visitors to comply with code requirements. In order that these facilities were self-funded by the visitor program, and not our donors, Farm Animal Rescue routinely asks for ticket fees of $5 and $10 to cover visitor infrastructure costs. We are however always happy to provide free entry on application to anybody unable to pay.

Click and watch the video above to see Carol and Brad explaining how you can tell the difference and make informed choices.




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