Witnessing the Roma Saleyards - Farm Animal Rescue

Witnessing the Roma Saleyards

A FAR Investigation...

Roma Cow

At Farm Animal Rescue, our work for animals doesn’t stop at our front gate.

With support from the Tucker Foundation, we go to wherever animals are being used, and often abused. FAR volunteer Mo and Vice Principal Carol were there when cattle are being loaded off trucks at the Roma Saleyards in central Queensland.  Here they witnessed stressed cattle knee deep in manure whilst they waited in pens, such a long way from a peaceful life with a herd which they deserve.

Mo said

"He stood there, alone. 
There was noise all around him, 
clanging gates, cattle loading on 
and off trucks. He watched them 
then turned to us. 
Our eyes met, he held our gaze. 
How long had  he been there? 
He was still there hours later. 
Where was his herd? 
How far had he travelled"
Roma cow in muck

In just this year we have:

  • Provided critical evidence that demonstrates institutionalised cruelty at a Warwick saleyard
  • Identified cruelty and neglect to animals that are enroute to join live export ships in Townsville
  • Provided evidence of flagrant abuses of animal transport welfare rules near Roma
  • Established vidence of shelter and water violations against the mandatory saleyard code in multiple locations
  • And others we can’t talk about yet

We are working on these incidents and more with inspectors from Biosecurity Queensland to secure prosecutions and close down facilities. Animals caught up in these locations have nobody looking out for them, until we get there and highlight what the animals are forced to endure.

The work that we do in regional Queensland to highlight animal suffering is essential to making a better world for all animals, not just for those fortunate enough to be rescued and safe at sanctuary.

Roma Cow with Truck


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