Pregnant Sweety was part of an Angus beef herd when she was rounded up for slaughter at the farm that she had been living at. She and Precious were unable to fit onto

Meet Samuel the Angus Calf at the working bee

Working Bee with Sam the Calf

We are holding a working bee which will focus on the cattle paddock pasture.

The pasture has been taken over by Paramatta Grass, which while not toxic, is not good for cattle’s teeth

2014 Calendar

There are still a few copies of our 2014 calendar available for purchase by mail order.

The calendar features photos and brief stories of many of the animals who your support has enabled the rescue

Holly’s Amazing Journey

On Saturday morning the call went out. Holly had rolled down the hill near the pig barn and was stuck in the scrub.

We provided Holly with intensive care for a week, following the onset of

Holly – Update

Pigs are someone, not, something

Holly is still in good spirits and enjoying life, despite being unable to walk. We are very hopeful today as she go closer to being able to walk this morning

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