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Two little lambs
Scarlett and Davis, like most of the animals at Farm Animal Rescue (FAR), were rescued from certain death. Born into the freezing Victorian weather, both had lost their mothers and were alone at one day old. Thankfully, our rescuers found them and scooped them up into their arms, and a warm and adventurous road trip back to Dayboro, unlike millions of others who perished cold and alone. Today, Scarlett and Davis nearly fully grown, bleat and frolick over the hills and paddocks at Farm Animal Rescue in the company of new friends.

The year ahead is challenging
2019 weather forecasts are scorching – hot, dry drought, and when it does rain it will be a deluge. The sanctuary animals are completely reliant on us to keep them under a dry roof, away from the searing heat, and with ample feed to fill their tummies. With feed prices sky-rocketing and little pasture on the ground we go into the 2019 dry season with some concern about maintaining the excellent care we are known for, for the animals here at sanctuary and for those who will need rescue throughout the year. Already we are receiving reports of starving animals all over Queensland and as the dry season bites this will only get worse. And we are one of very few organisations that can help.

Please help us to help them

Help us to help more animals
We work every day to make the lives of animals at FAR and in industry better than the day before. To increase our efficiency and make every donation go further we are installing hay feeders that reduce hay wastage by 90% because every penny we save on feed we can go into rescue. We will be fixing some roofing to stop leaks to keep the animals dry, and installing new cooling systems so that the sanctuary animals don’t suffer from heat stress when we go into another heatwave. Finally we are building a new habitat for roosters, so that we can rescue more of the fifteen roosters we are asked to take every week. Your generous donation can make all of this happen.

More rescues are in reach
What is all of this awesomeness going to cost?
Once we secure $6,000 we can purchase hay feeders and cut out wastage.
At $9,000 we can also complete roofing repairs to keep everybody dry.
At $12,000 we can also install a solar fan for the pigs to keep them cool through the Summer.
At $18,000 we can also build a home that will rescue one hundred roosters over the next ten years.

Please give now.

Amazing perks for your support, that you can’t get anywhere else!
Donate $75 – A 2019 FAR Calendar with a personalised autograph from photographer Carol Slater
Donate $400 – A Jo Frederiks print with a personalised autograph from animal rights artist
Donate $600 – Four hours at the farm with founder Brad King for a party of four touring, picnicking or doing whatever you’d like to do
Donate $1,100 – An exclusive Chef’s Table meal (in the kitchen!) with acclaimed chef Alejandro Cancino for two people at Lola’s Pantry Kuluin


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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