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Cattle Starvation Investigation

Our investigative team were recently advised of a case of starving cattle near imageJimboomba. A number of complaints had been made with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestries (DAFF), but no action had been taken.

What we found was deplorable.  Cattle, including babies, that were barely skin and bone left on the property with no pasture on the ground and nobody in residence. This was after two previous visits from DAFF where no action was taken.

imageOn further investigation we found recently deceased cattle on the property as well as some cattle chained up with no access to water.

During our investigation, cattle trucks arrived at the property and the emaciated cattle were rounded up by dogs and workers on horseback. We followed the trucks until they arrived at the Dinmore slaughter house.

Since then we have determined that there are 12 cattle left on the property, a imagenumber of which remain emaciated.

Under the standards adopted by the Queensland Government, cattle should not be transported or admitted to a slaughter house if emaciated or ill. Both of these standards have been ignored by the owners of the cattle property, and it would seem, by DAFF.

imageFarm Animal Rescue has lodged a complaint with DAFF regarding the transport and slaughter of these emaciated and sick cattle, but we have not received a response.

At this time, 80% of Queensland is considered to be in drought. Since the beginning of March we have received complaints relating to 3,500 cattle that have been reported to be malnourished.

Cattle drink around 70 litres a day on a warm day, and utilise ten times that to imageensure sufficient pasture to nourish these large creatures. Australia is the driest continent on the planet which makes water our most valuable resource.

An intensive farming practice that requires huge amounts of our most scarce resource for a product that is most often shipped overseas, either live or chilled, makes little sense to us. However, the tragedy of the Queensland drought that will most certainly continue for another 12 months is that the industry is continuing to breed at historical rates, despite the fact that they will be unable to feed or water the animals that they are breeding.

imageWe can only estimate how many cattle are now stranded on desert pasture slowly starving to death. What we know for certain is that nobody is coming to help them and the cattle industry is quite happy to live in denial of the pain and suffering that they have caused and continue to cause right across the state.

Please join us by refusing to support this industry, where greed, cruelty and imagenegligence are evident in so many ways, by boycotting beef, steak and leather products. There are a growing number of meat and leather replacement producers in Australia that will happily help you to say no to animal industry cruelty.

Please help us to continue our work investigating cruelty, educating consumers and rescuing animals by making a generous donation, or even better by sponsoring a sanctuary animal. Our investigators stand ready to expose cruelty in the animal industry everywhere we find it, but we can’t do it without your help.

imageThe cattle in Jimboomba represent tens of thousands of others that are starving to death across the state. Please tell their story to your friends and family, and help us to create a more compassionate world.









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