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Sheep mum reunited with her baby at sanctuary

Eve at Sanctuary
Eve at sanctuary

When Eve arrived with her daughter Rose, Rose's twin Lily had already been rescued and was at the sanctuary.   Lily had been rescued heavily infested with worms, and so unwell she could not stand, eat or drink.

Over time,  with a warm bed, and round-the-clock care,  Lily's health gradually improved.  While she wouldn’t eat hay initially we discovered we could tempt her with spinach, and on many occasions, we emptied the shelves of spinach at the local IGA to keep her going. Eventually, she made the transition to hay, but although she seemed to be getting stronger,  her will was weak, and it seemed she would never be able to walk.

That's why we were so very excited to be able to bring mum Eve and twin sister Rose to the sanctuary after two weeks.  We hoped that mum's presence would motivate Lily to get better and to walk.

However, whilst Eve was initially excited to see Lily again, when she realised she could not get up she simply walked away with Rose.  We had heard stories of ewes abandoning their babies, perhaps instinctively for their own survival, and feared the worst.

A little desperate,  we decided again to take Lily to her mum Eve the following day.  Carrying her out to the paddock, we left her nearby Eve and Rose.

Rescued sheep Eve, Rose and Lily
Eve with Rose and Lily once Lily was walking

Rescued lamb reunited with mum

To our surprise and delight, when we returned an hour later we discovered Lily was happily trotting behind her mummy.

We don't know how Eve did it, but we do know that we witnessed firsthand the power of the bond and unique communication between a mother and child, no matter what the species.  And sometimes, no matter how well-intentioned, we humans can never replace the power of maternal instinct and care between a mother and her child.  Eve's tough love was far more successful than our method.

That's the way nature intended it.  Mothers and babies are meant to be together.

Eve now spends her days with her daughters and the FAR flock, protected from diseases with the best of medical care,  and nutritious food designed to keep her in tip-top condition.  Roaming the sanctuary hills and plains, we have made a promise to her that she is safe and free for the rest of her life.

Rescued sheep

An amabassador for all sheep

Perhaps most importantly, Eve is an ambassador for all sheep bred into animal agriculture in Australia.   Whereas for some, Eve's value is merely in the profit to be made from her body parts or fleece, we witness visitors on Open Days finding it impossible to not see the living, breathing, feeling, and emotional creature she is.  They enjoy the simplicity of being in her company and experience her desire to live her life to the fullest.

We cannot look after Eve without the help of our kind donors.   Eve is lucky enough to have a kind sponsor to help us give her the best food, shelter, and medical care for the rest of her life.


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