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Fiona arrived at the sanctuary with urine scalds to 40 percent of her body, resulting in her skin being scalded and inflamed and causing her to lose her fiona1fur.

About 4 weeks old, it is quite apparent that Fiona has been kept in a dirty crate filled with her own urine and excrement. This is a common process in most dairy’s where the primary concern is removing babies from their mothers as soon as possible so that humans can have the milk.

Fiona’s legs have not developed properly owing to the cramped conditions. We hope that her new found freedom and ability to move around will help to restore her muscles so that this will not trouble her when she is older.

Fiona has been treated with antibiotics and is receiving around the clock care from our dedicated volunteers. While she has a bit of a while to go before we can consider her well she is bright and playful, and although still terrified of people she is starting to respond to some of the volunteer care staff.

fiona2Please make an online donation to help us restore Fiona to full strength. You can also help the sanctuary animals by joining our Supporters Club. Fiona is also available for sponsorship.

While she is currently scared and poorly we believe we can make Fiona well and that she will have a beautiful, long and happy life. Sadly, for millions of calves born into dairy farms every year fear, pain and deprivation is all they will ever know.

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Whether chosen for veal and slaughtered at 3 months, discarded after being shot at birth, or used as a milk-producing machine dairy cow lives are typically short, painful and unhappy.

Please choose to boycott dairy products for Fiona starting today, and help us to build a more compassionate world tomorrow.



Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

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FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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