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Isabella the Rescued Dorper Lamb

One lucky lamb

Isabella is a Dorper/Damara cross lamb, and we suspect, as many of this breed, she was bred to be killed for her meat.

In early January 2013, Isabella had only just been born and was with her mother on a farm where buyers can pre-order their meat by selecting an animal.  Although we begged the farmer, we sadly could not save Isabella's mum (as she was already on an order) but we did manage to save tiny Isabella and bring her to the sanctuary.

Isabella was just a baby

Luckily for Isabella, someone saw her for more than the meat she was born to become, saw she was an individual with a desire for a full and free life.

Saw she was just a baby.

This compassionate person intervened and secured the release of Isabella before she was also 'ordered'.

Click to watch a video of Isabella's first few days after rescue.
Isabella Rescue Report
Isabella sleeping
Isabella enjoying the grass
Isabella and Jasmine
Jasmine and Isabella at sanctuary
Isabella and carer Sally
Enjoying pats from FAR carer Sally

Safe and sound at sanctuary

Isabella was a very sweet little baby, and was able to spend her infant years at sanctuary with fellow baby lamb Jasmine, and baby kid Lucy. All three are now healthy and happy sanctuary seniors, and we sleep soundly at night knowing she will never be put in the position where she will be sent to a sale yard or end up in a slaughterhouse.

While Isabella has developed a number of benign tumours as she has aged, and has a little stiffness in her later years, she is in the sanctuary special needs medical program and enjoys every day out with the herd.

This is Isabellas rescue story, and also the fate of most lambs in Australia not as lucky as she was: NOTE: from 1 min 28 secs to 2 min 28 secs there is some footage of lambs at the saleyards, on trucks and at the slaughterhouse that may cause distress.
Lola, Isabella and Koa rescued sheep
Friends Lola, Isabella and Koa resting at sanctuary


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