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Lola the rescued lamb

Lola rescued lamb

Lola was born on a commercial farm, but things did not go well for her as her mother struggled to feed her.  She ended up being bottle fed by the farmhouse.

However, after a while the bottle feeding became too much for the farmer and she decided to leave Lola outside with the flock to see if she would survive.

Lola rescued lamb

Lamb with a strong will to live

A kindly person spotted Lola desperately trying to feed from different ewes, looking weak and dehydrated. She organised with the farmer to take the little lamb and give her a new life.

Lola is now part of the Farm Animal Rescue flock. She is still small but she powers through the rest of the flock like she is a boss. Because of her start, she has some growth issues as well as patchy areas of baby and adult wool, but she is sprightly and healthy.

Lola is pretty and friendly, and her sheep friends think she is just great.

Lola and Starr rescued sheep
Lola and Starr rescued sheep
Lola, Isabella and Koa rescued sheep
Friends Lola, Isabella and Koa resting at sanctuary

Possibly because of having little wool on her ears, Lola has suffered from alopecia and we've needed to protect her ears at times with specially crocheted ear muffs.

Lola rescued lamb
Lola rescued lamb


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