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Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne, Mae

Rescued Free Range Chickens

Audrey, Vivienne, Mae's arrival in car
Audrey, Vivienne, Mae's arrival in car

Once upon a time, Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne, and Mae were just a handful of hens living with thousands of others in a dark and cramped free-range egg facility.   Their feathers were missing, their spirits broken, and their future bleak.

But fate had a different plan for them, and in March 2016 they were rescued by FAR,  where they would finally find the love and care they deserved.

Grace and Vivienne without feathers
Grace and Vivienne shortly after arrival

Slowly their feathers began to grow back

At first, the hens were shy and fearful, still reeling from their past trauma. But as they settled into their new home, something miraculous began to happen. Their feathers slowly started to grow back, and with each passing day, their personalities bloomed. Grace, once the most reserved of the bunch, now struts proudly around the sanctuary, her iridescent feathers gleaming in the sunlight. Marilyn, the sassy one, can't resist a good dust bath, rolling around in the soft sanctuary soil with glee. Audrey, Vivienne, and Mae are curious explorers and love to wander around the sanctuary's lush green fields, pecking at insects and plants along the way. 

Mae after rescue in the pig barn
Mae after rescue in the pig barn

Rescue chickens enjoy new lease on life

Despite the challenges they had faced, these five hens, through sheer luck and a big dose of human kindness, found a new lease on life. They have gone from being mere survivors to thriving, happy birds, and their transformation is nothing short of miraculous.

Watching them enjoy their freedom, it is hard not to be moved by their resilience and joy.

In a world that can sometimes feel dark and bleak, the story of Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne, and Mae reminds us that there is always hope. Even in the midst of hardship, there is the possibility of renewal and growth. And when we come together to support and care for one another, we can create a world where all creatures can live gracefully and happily, just like these five remarkable hens.

Take a moment and share Grace, Marilyn, Audrey, Vivienne & Mae's first few steps of freedom at the sanctuary by clicking the video below, and take a peek right at the bottom to see these five beauties today.

Rescued Chickens in ute


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