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Goat rescued along a live export route

Simon was rescued from the highway along a live export route.
And we think we know just how he escaped his capture.   Behind that super sweet demeanour is a superb escape artist!  When he first arrived at the sanctuary Simon  disappeared and hid for four days before coming back to join the herd.
We suspect that due to his earlier dealings with humans, he remains very wary of people.  No doubt this anthropophobia stems from early betrayal by our kind, leaving him with anxiety, dread, even fear being around people.

Simon the rescued goat lives happily at sanctuary

But we understood Simon's trauma and allowed him ample space, freedom, access to good food, and serenity to allow him to heal in his own time.  We continue to gently show him we are to be trusted, again and again, and again.  And whilst we suffer finding the patience needed that eventually, all people will grasp the inhumanity of live export within a society that considers itself humane, we are at peace with the patience that Simon needs. He serves as an ambassador for all sentient beings considered merely 'stock' in the live export industry.
Simon lives blissfully with his goat friends and the Farm Animal Rescue goat herd, spending each day on his favorite activities of foraging, climbing, chewing, grazing, nibbling tree branches, and then sheltering at night, or when it rains, in his warm comfortable barn on a bed of soft hay.
Simon is looking for a sponsor. By sponsoring Simon you are helping him tell his story to the world, helping bring more light to the cruel live export trade, ultimately helping us in ending live export trade for all animals just like Simon.


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Director - Carol Slater
Director - Cheryl Evans
Director - Leizl Estioko
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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