Volunteers Needed - Farm Animal Rescue

Volunteers Needed

Join us in creating a kinder and more compassionate world for farmed animals. Be part of a highly-skilled, friendly and committed Volunteer Squad that spans roles in innovative fundraising, impactful community education and world-class animal care.

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Benefits of Volunteering with Us

Rewarding Work & Skills Development

Our Volunteers receive a thorough Induction, role-specific training & invitations to educational workshops. Whether you’re looking to develop new skills or apply your existing expertise, you’ll be rewarded with interesting & meaningful work at FAR.

Reputation & Gravitas

FAR is one of Australia’s favourite animal sanctuaries & is a registered charity. Renowned for our world-class animal care & innovative initiatives, our Volunteers are also known for their high calibre professionalism & dedication.


Life-long Friendships

Volunteering with like-minded people & sharing the common goal of creating a kinder world for farmed animals’ results in strong bonds of friendship, trust & teamwork. We host regular social events for our Volunteer Squad, so we enjoy work & play!

Inside Information

FAR Volunteers are part of our exclusive Squad Page to share volunteering stories & photos, & receive real-time updates about the animal antics at sanctuary, as well as invitations to social events & upcoming Volunteer opportunities.

Personal Satisfaction

Many of our Volunteers tell us about the personal satisfaction they feel by being involved with FAR. All of us have a strong connection to the FAR resident farm animals & a great sense achievement for dedicating time to such an important cause.

Helping Us Help Them

There is nothing quite like helping someone in need. Farm animals are the most abused on the planet. Any time, skills or resources  you can donate to help farmed animals makes a world of difference.

Who We're looking For....

As a Volunteer-run charity, FAR needs reliable Volunteers that are dedicated to the role for a minimum of six months. We have a combination of vacancies at the farm, roles that you could do from your home & roles that will get you out into the community. Apply today with your CV, time availability, details of your qualifications, skills & personal strengths.

New lamb

Current Opportunities

We have several vacancies from admin to farm hands! We also need fundraising Volunteers – this involves anything from barbecuing Tofurky sausages, to selling merchandise, helping at farm Open Days, assisting at events or selling cakes at a bake sale.

Not all Volunteer roles involve spending time with the animals. If you have your heart set on direct animal care, please refer to our intern vacancies. We love spending time with FAR animal residents, yet it is the behind the scenes ground-work that’s crucial in enabling FAR to rescue, rehabilitee & rehome more farm animals.

Volunteer Testimonials



I've volunteered at a few places now since F.A.R, and NOWHERE is as loving, kind, clean & amazing as this rescue sanctuary! the animals are saved from terrible conditions, although they are lucky enough to live out their days here!! and i feel blessed that i got to work here & learn so much! thanks brad, sally, alex & the rest of the team that work so hard to keeping this place running ????????????

Ana Bug

Ana Radic

I love supporting FAR because they’re a charity that not only cares for, & does incredible work for the deserving residents at the sanctuary, but also because of the amazing work FAR does outside the sanctuary to raise awareness for the hundreds of thousands of farmed animals that will never know sanctuary.

MO photo


I volunteer with FAR because it is a charity that is genuinely all about the animals.

Jo with Tom

Joanne Webb

Volunteering with FAR is extraordinarily rewarding. Time spent with smart, kind and like-minded people, and beautiful farm animals, is time well spent!


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Kim Payne
Secretary - Aaron Lee

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