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Fred, Barney, Wilma & Betty

We have just welcomed four new residents to the sanctuary, sweet little babies originally born …

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Charity pot

New Pig Barn

Owing to an amazingly generous grant from Lush Handmade Cosmetics, we are very excited to …

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2014 Walk For Farm Animals

Join us this September 14th for our annual Walk for Farm Animals in Brisbane, QLD.

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Thanks to Aussie Pigs for this image.

Humane Slaughter

If you have been to the farm and met the sanctuary pigs, you will probably …

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Ethel is one of our newest residents. She is a very old lady (probably about …

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A Sanctuary for farmed animals

Farm Animal Rescue is a place where animals rescued from the food industry get to live in peace, and where you can hear their stories and meet them.

We rescue animals from those who would use them for food, to give you the opportunity to learn more about the sensitive, affectionate, and clever creatures that we call farm animals via our website and at our Open Days or onĀ or on private visits.

Despite what the animal agriculture industry claims, their industry relies on the removal of children from mothers, breeding programs that make animals grow faster but make life unsustainable, cruel confinement and medical procedures that occur without anaesthetic, and severely reduced life spans for all animals including egg laying chickens and dairy cows and goats.

Information about standard conditions and procedures on Australian farms can be found at the Aussie Farms website.

It doesn’t take long, when you spend time with farm animals, to realise that they are friendly and fun-loving creatures who value their lives, fear the same things we do, and mourn their dead. Over the years we have built a culture that tells us that farm animals are stupid creatures who don’t have desires or a need to have a fulfilling life, so that it is easier for us to use them for our own purposes.

Please read their stories, learn about the industry, come and visit, and then determine for your self whether farm animals are friends, or food.