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Round-Up Donations: making a big impact with small change

Be a part of a kinder future for animals by donating a few cents to protect them every time you shop with round-up donations.

Photo of rescued piglet at sanctuary
Save animals by easily donating the small change from every purchase you make.

Start saving animals with your small change

You now have a remarkable opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of farm animals in need. With each purchase you make using your card, a small amount can automatically be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and that additional sum can be donated to help farm animals.

How it works

Imagine buying a hot chocolate for $4.75.  Once you've signed up, it will automatically get rounded up to $5.00, and the 25 cents gifted to animals in need. Every single cent you donate directly supports the rescue and care of these beloved creatures. And you maintain full control over the total amount you contribute by setting a donation limit within your donor portal.

"Your seemingly small change can make an immense difference to these animals. It's an opportunity to demonstrate care and kindness in a tangible way, transforming lives one donation at a time."

Brad King

3 easy steps to start helping animals

Step 1: Register your details by clicking the button below.

Step 2: GoGive, our round-up donation partner, will be notified daily of your new transactions through a secure read-only feed from your bank.

Step 3: Your round-ups will be calculated and gifted to Farm Animal Rescue to rescue, home, and rehabilitate farm animals.

How your small change will help animals

Every donation, no matter how small, goes directly into caring for the rescued farm animals that live at sanctuary. Here's how your small change will help.

Daily Feed

Rescued pig eating food
Food for the rescued pigs, cows, chickens, goats and sheep who live at sanctuary.


Brad holding goat Lucy
Rescuing animals from the food industry.


Mucking out hay bedding in the barn.
Provide fresh hay daily so that we can make them a comfortable bed.

Lets talk security...

Our donation partner, GoGive, adheres to the highest security standards with 256 -bit SSL encryption for data storage and communication. Your bank link serves as a notification mechanism that grant GoGive res-only access to your transactions.

Plus, once signed up, you will receive access to your own donor portal, for full control to set limits on donations, and cancel at any time.

"You can save more lives than any superhero did, and you don't have to be brave to do it - just compassionate and smart"

Charlie Bresler

YES! Start my Round-Up Donations to help animals


Farm Animal Rescue Inc.

1713 Dayboro Road
QLD 4521

FAR Management Committee

President - Brad King
Vice President - Carol Slater
Treasurer - Chris Harvell
Charity Director - Monica Fincham
Secretary - Olivia Spadina

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