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Quack and Quack

Strutting into your heart, meet Quack Quack, a delightful duo of ducks who are looking for their new family. They are an inseparable pair, so they come as a package deal, ready to bring a delightful charm to your life.
The gorgeous duo could be either male of female.

These stunning ducks are happiest when given plenty of space to roam, preferably with a little pond or water body for them to frolic in. They will surely make an enchanting addition to your outdoors, waddling around the yard with their inimitable style.

Quack Quack are well-adapted to life under the open sky. However, they will require suitable protection from predators to ensure their security. With their unique personality, these loving ducks would be an excellent fit for families with a spacious garden or backyard, where the two feathered friends can waddle around to their heart’s content.

Before taking the next step in welcoming these adorable ducks onto your property, we kindly request you to check with your local council, ensuring that keeping ducks is permitted in your locality.



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